Our Drinks

Hey Mama, we see you. From sneaking encouraging notes in lunch boxes to putting yourself in a time out just to keep your cool, we see you showing up wholeheartedly. We are mamas too, so we know your family is ever-changing. That means the attention you give to yourself is also always in flux. The one thing that is always consistent is your unwavering devotion to putting your heart and soul into everything you do as a mama. There is a word for that. It is Meraki. And it is what we are all about. 

My 8yr Old Loves Margaritas

Does your kid love cocktails?!  So, my 8yr old son loves margaritas! True story. How this happened was a complete accident, but now here we are with a booze-loving 2nd grader who loves to announce how delicious margaritas are at the most uncomfortable times…like the first time I met the mom of a new friend

How to Implement CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Adding CBD to your routine doesn’t have to be another check mark on your mile-long to-do list. In fact, using your products can be a treat throughout your day—helping your mind and body feel better with each use. While some may prefer to take one larger dose for soothing support, micro-doses of CBD can provide

What are liposomal supplements and how do they work?

Liposomes offer an elevated supplement experience and differ greatly from those supplements using a standard oil base such as olive, hemp or even more easily digested mct oil. Simply put, liposomes are like specialized bubbles filled with nutrients. The nutrient core can contain a wide variety of desired ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts

Zen CBD + CBG vs Zen Amino Acid: which Zen is right for you?

We all want a little more zen in our lives, right? Life can be a crazy hustle even on the smoothest of days and then there are those not so smooth days…. This is why we created the Meraki Mama Zen products, a daily self-care supplement designed to bring a little more ease and grace

Testimonial: Kori Z.

I’ve tried CBD products in the past to help with body and mood.  To be frank I’m a super busy mom of 2 school-age boys and I can have a short fuse.  I couldn’t handle the “weed” taste of the products I’ve tried.  Zen doesn’t taste yucky, it was pleasant and reminded me of stone

Testimonial: Nidia R

I love the feeling of being relaxed

Testimonial: Jonah G.

I have a cabinet full of well-researched, high-quality products that I have been trying for years to help myself feel better, I suffer from brain fog, irritability, some depressed mood. I thought Meraki Mama wasn’t sure what they were in for with me, but I actually do feel better. I am almost surprised because as

Testimonial: Aimee S.

Overall, I liked Zen. I have tried another liposomal product and it tasted disgusting. When I  take it consistently it does help with my energy levels

Testimonial: Kelly D.

I started using the Zen Amino Acid Botanical Blend during a very stressful period of work. It was also as I was weaning myself off caffeine. The Zen Aminos helped give me the positive mood boost that I had been getting from caffeine, and I am so thankful for that. I also noticed feeling calmer