What makes Meraki’s products so beneficial? It’s simple: expertly selected ingredients with incredible bioavailability from liposomes to bring you balance you can truly feel.

But what are liposomes and why are they important? 

Liposomal supplements can act fast and work overtime for you so that you can feel your best all day! The specialized encapsulation process wraps tiny bundles of key ingredients in healthy lipids, or fats, which then absorb into the body more quickly and efficiently than standard supplements. This means supplements made with liposomes require smaller amounts of those key ingredients to achieve better results and are known to provide results that are more immediate and long-lasting.

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Amino Acid | Hemp Free

Elevate Amino Acid


Stress less and live more with adaptogenic strength for the daily grind. Designed to quiet the mind, soothe anxiety, and provide consistent energy. Featuring premier amino acids GABA & L- theanine and organically grown botanicals, expect rapid results through our advanced liposomal delivery system.

Zen Amino Acid


Reclaim your calm with botanical bliss. Ease your mind and balance your life with hormonal support in a daily supplement. Featuring superstar amino acids, GABA & L-theanine, and organically grown botanicals that get to work for you right away through our extraordinary liposomal delivery system

Rested Amino Acid


Follow the pathway to peaceful dreams and wake refreshed. Featuring premium amino acids 5- HTP, L-Tryptophan, and L-Theanine, infused with calming botanicals to promote a restful night’s sleep without the morning grogginess. The advanced liposomal delivery allows for a quick drift into a restorative slumber

Emerging Botanicals | CBD & CBG

Elevate CBD


Elevate your daily routine with a ritual that redefines stress management. Our Elevate CBD + CBG line is crafted to enhance cognitive sharpness, diminish stress, relieve physical discomfort and foster vitality. Infused with our premium emerging botanical hemp-derived extracts and the finest organically grown botanicals, this Elevate is poised to serve your well- being immediately via our liposomal delivery system.



Reclaim your calm. Thoughtfully chosen emerging botanicals, CBD and CBG — cannabinoids celebrated for their therapeutic effects — are carefully matched with organic herbs specifically selected for women’s health. Featuring superstar hemp extracts CBD + CBG and organically grown botanicals that get to work for you immediately through our extraordinary liposomal delivery.

Rested CBD

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Meet your nightly ally for deep, restorative sleep. This powerful blend combines premium emerging botanicals derived from the hemp plant with organically grown, traditional extracts like passion flower, chamomile, and lavender — all known for their calming properties. The advanced liposomal delivery system means quick relief. Soothe physical discomfort and promote a tranquil sleep without any detectable THC.