We stand at the forefront of a new era, one where every individual has the privilege to embrace the full spectrum of wellness that nature has to offer.  Carefully curated cannabinoids perfectly matched with our organically grown botanicals allow you to embrace the full spectrum of wellness that nature has to offer.  These are not just products; they are invitations to a more harmonious self, crafted to elevate your spirit, tranquilize your mind, and cradle you into restful slumber.

Meraki Botanicals Elevate product

Elevate Amino Acid

Stress less and live more with adaptogenic strength for the daily grind. Designed to quiet the mind, soothe anxiety, and provide consistent energy. Featuring premier amino acids GABA & L- theanine and organically grown botanicals, expect rapid results through our advanced liposomal delivery system.

Zen Amino Acid

Reclaim your calm.  Thoughtfully chosen emerging botanicals, CBD and CBG — cannabinoids celebrated for their therapeutic effects — are carefully matched with organic herbs specifically selected for women’s health. Featuring superstar hemp extracts CBD + CBG and organically grown botanicals that get to work for you immediately through our extraordinary liposomal delivery.

Rested Amino Acid

Follow the pathway to peaceful dreams and wake refreshed. Featuring premium amino acids 5- HTP, L-Tryptophan, and L-Theanine, infused with calming botanicals to promote a restful night’s sleep without the morning grogginess. The advanced liposomal delivery allows for a quick drift into a restorative slumber

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