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Navigate your days with greater ease and grace with the help of premium, unique, botanical supplements and beverage enhancers. Create elevated mocktails, cocktails and elixirs sips or take sublingually as a daily supplement.

Restorative Remedies That Work Now

Meraki Botanicals provides one-of-a-kind liposomal supplements to soothe your stress, clear your mind and bring you sustained energy. Every bottle combines cutting edge-science with time-honored botanicals to bring you results that are immediate and long-lasting.

Meraki (Meh•rah•key) means to put a piece of yourself into your work and to do it with soul. But it is difficult, or downright impossible, to pour from an empty cup…

It’s time you took a moment to nourish your soul.
We put our soul into the creation of these supplements so they could nourish yours.

Meraki for the masses

Wellness through science

Time-honored botanicals

Elevate Amino Acid


Stress less and live more with adaptogenic strength for the daily grind. Designed to quiet the mind, soothe anxiety, and provide consistent energy. Featuring premier amino acids GABA & L- theanine and organically grown botanicals, expect rapid results through our advanced liposomal delivery system.

Zen Amino Acid


Reclaim your calm with botanical bliss. Ease your mind and balance your life with hormonal support in a daily supplement. Featuring superstar amino acids, GABA & L-theanine, and organically grown botanicals that get to work for you right away through our extraordinary liposomal delivery system.

Rested Amino Acid


Follow the pathway to peaceful dreams and wake refreshed. Featuring premium amino acids 5- HTP, L-Tryptophan, and L-Theanine, infused with calming botanicals to promote a restful night’s sleep without the morning grogginess. The advanced liposomal delivery allows for a quick drift into a restorative slumber.

Explore our Emerging Botanicals

Take a step deeper into our world where nature’s wisdom meets modern serenity with our new line of elixirs — Elevate, Zen, and Rested — each one with a blend of carefully curated and complementary emerging botanicals. Our advanced liposomal delivery system ensures these potent compounds are rapidly absorbed for near-immediate effects.

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