Meraki Botanicals provides one-of-a- kind liposomal supplements to soothe your stress, clear your mind and bring you sustained energy. Every bottle combines cutting edge-science with time-honored botanicals to bring you results that are immediate and long-lasting.

Meraki (Meh•rah•key) means to put a piece of yourself into your work and to do it with soul. It’s time you took a moment to nurture your soul, to elevate your mood, to soothe your stress.

We put our soul into the creation of these supplements so they could nurture yours. In 2019, two Colorado mamas became friends after confiding in one another about their individual experiences with motherhood challenges like anxiety, fatigue, anger, and depression. Of course, they had a deep love for their kiddos but the challenges they were feeling were robbing them of their precious connections with their families and friends. Though they each had different journeys, they had both sought relief from CBD products with great success. Seeking to share and improve upon their positive experiences, they created Meraki Mama. 

Over time, we discovered the far-reaching benefits and amazing potential for our botanical elixir. Meraki Botanicals are formulated to help us all experience more of life’s beauty each day. This is achieved by using liposomal technology to create far superior supplements. Knowing that CBD may not be the right fit for everyone, we worked to develop two unique supplements with and without hemp ingredients. These products provide profound assistance through the combination of organically grown botanical extracts, amino acids, and vitamins specifically selected to reduce stress and calm your mind.