What are liposomal supplements and how do they work?

Liposomes offer an elevated supplement experience and differ greatly from those supplements using a standard oil base such as olive, hemp or even more easily digested mct oil. Simply put, liposomes are like specialized bubbles filled with nutrients. The nutrient core can contain a wide variety of desired ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts or amino acids. These amazing bubbles are extremely easy for the body to absorb and utilize, making the active ingredients in liposomal supplements highly bioavailable. 

Liposomes have outer layers made of specific healthy fats, or lipids, that wrap around the nutrient core. The cells of our bodies love using these specialized lipids to strengthen and repair our cells! Phosphatidylcholine, a lipid derived from sunflower oil, is a common and excellent fat source for creating liposomes, although soy and egg extracts are also commonly used so it may be important to learn the source of your supplement’s lipids if you have allergy concerns. 

The membranes of our cells are made up of fats similar to those used to create liposomes. When liposomes come in contact with particular cells, they fuse with the cell membrane, allowing their nutrient core to move directly into the cell where it stimulates a cascade of healing activity. This process also nourishes and repairs damaged cell membranes, providing additional benefits to the body. So, the body benefits from the nourishment of the liposome’s lipids and from the enhanced absorption of the nutrients built into the interior of the liposome bubble. 

Studies have indicated that liposomal products offer enhanced absorption of desired nutrients, which is particularly important when dealing with nutrients that are not well absorbed by the human body (or at least not well absorbed when larger amounts are ingested). Some liposomal supplements, such as Vit C, even claim to have an increased bioavailability of 5-10x greater than standard supplement delivery systems, such as powders or oil bases. This is great news for those looking to get the most out of their supplements. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between the way liposomes and standard supplements work in the body.

When standard supplements, even oil based ones, are ingested without a lipid layer they must move, unprotected, through the digestive system where much of the nutrient is damaged in the acidic environment of the stomach. The remaining nutrients are then transported to the bloodstream for circulation to the cells. Overall this process is inefficient, slow and much of the desired ingredients never get utilized by the body. 

Liposomal supplements are typically made of a variety of particle sizes and scientific exploration suggests that the smallest of these particles are immediately absorbed by the tissues in the mouth where they then move directly into the bloodstream and are quickly absorbed by cells throughout the body. Remember those outer lipid layers allow the liposome to fuse with cell membranes on contact. 

The larger liposomal particles move into the digestive tract, protected by their double lipid layer, where they are absorbed more slowly, in a sort of time-release fashion. This process allows for instant effects that are sustained over time by the continual absorption of the larger liposomes in the lower GI. 

The impressive absorption of liposomal supplements has allowed them to quickly become one of the hottest nutraceutical trends around due to their ability to deliver incredible benefits from rapid, more complete absorption of nutrients. That means that many people find the effects of liposomal supplements are much more noticeable than standard supplements. Although liposomal supplements often come with a higher price tag due to the specialized expertise required for their production, science has indicated that the liposome is one of the most effective delivery systems for dietary supplements and medications, making liposomal supplements a smart choice for the health savvy. 

Daily use of liposomes packed with powerhouse ingredients like botanicals, amino acids and vital nutrients, allow the health benefits to begin stacking up and the results may be nothing short of amazing!

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