Elevate CBD

Elevate your daily routine with a ritual that redefines stress management. Our Elevate CBD + CBG line is crafted to enhance cognitive sharpness, diminish stress, relieve physical discomfort and foster vitality. Infused with our premium emerging botanical hemp-derived extracts and the finest organically grown botanicals, this Elevate is poised to serve your well- being immediately via our liposomal delivery system. This isn't just another hemp product; it's a transformational experience inducing a surge of clear-mindedness and peaceful energy, elevating your natural state to its peak performance.

Mixology: Use Elevate CBD +CBG in mocktails and cocktails to enhance mental focus, cut through brain fog and energize the mind.   Adaptogenic support in every serving to keep you calm, focused and present.  And trust us: One sip of this magic will transform your mind’s chaos to focused clarity 

Flavor: Citrus berry with undertones of botanical bitter. Blends well with citrus and sweeter fruit flavors. Deep red color from beet extracts creates a beautiful pop of color.

“I’ve tried CBD products in the past to help with inflammation and mood.  To be frank I’m a super busy mom of 2 school-age boys and I can have a short fuse.  I couldn’t handle the “weed” taste of the products I’ve tried.  Zen doesn’t taste yucky, it was pleasant and reminded me of stone fruit and almonds.  The taste was great, more impressive, however, was the effectiveness.  I can get pretty cranky/ragey right before my period.  The short temper, quick to irritation general b-ness that accompanies my cycle just didn’t appear.  I felt pleasant energy and a functioning level of calm while taking the Zen.  I’m a believer!!”

– Kori Z

  • Soothe stress and anxiety
  • Extra boost of hormone harmony  
  • Support sustained energy
  • Enhanced mental focus 
  • Support sustained energy
  • Liposomes – immediate, long-lasting relief

How to use: Shake well before use. Remove cap and press pump quickly and firmly. Take up to 6 pumps under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Increase use as needed or directed by a healthcare professional.



Hemp extracts are believed to help soothe experiences of stress that comes with the ups and downs of life while easing physical discomforts and promoting restful sleep. Some report feeling more overall joy, invigoration, and a sense of balance throughout the day when taking hemp extracts such as CBD and CBG.



Used for more than 3,000 years to nourish and balance all aspects of the female reproductive system while also supporting overall energy and stamina through its adaptogenic actions. Shatavari is celebrated by women as a support for the challenges associated with monthly cycles, hormone harmony, soothing “the blues”, libido support and supporting grounded energy throughout the day.

Oat Seed


The milky seed of the oat plant has deeply restorative properties and is commonly given for frazzled, overworked nerves. This gentle, yet powerful plant is often used to quiet the fight-or-flight response, soothing experiences of stress and encouraging a smooth, calm demenor. It has a knack for smoothing out the communication sent through our nervous system so we aren’t ping-ponging all over the place:) It’s like mama’s milk for mamas!



Eleuthero is widely used as an adaptogenic botanical to support those feeling physically and mentally exhausted. It’s known for relieving the symptoms of stress by enhancing daily stamina, nourishing adrenal glands, supporting healthy sleep/wake cycles and bringing crisp clarity to a tired mind. Oh yeah! You’re welcome, mama.

Jujube Dates


Jujube’s sweet fruits have been used for thousands of years to nourish the body’s vital energy, known to some as chi or qi. Known to calm the mind and spirit, nourish and protect the liver and deliver powerful antioxidants. Oh, and it has a fabulous reputation for relieving fatigue (something we mothers rarely experience, right)

Lemon Balm


Lemon Balm is commonly used to brighten moods, soothe stress, calm irritability, and support healthy digestion. It’s bright, lemony compounds soothe mental tension and bring a refreshing burst of joy to a mama’s frazzled system. It’s like a joyful hug from a friend on a rough day! 



Rosemary is often used to soothe nervous tension, brighten the mood and support healthy digestion. It may be most prized forsupporting healthy circulation, which can be especially supportive of overall mental focus and function. As the old saying goes, “Rosemary for remembrance!” This botanical may not guarantee that you will be able to memorize every character of your kiddo’s new favorite show but it might help you remember why you went into the kitchen 🙂

Ingredients: Choline (as choline bitartrate), non-THC broad spectrum hemp (with CBD and CBG), Phosphatidylcholine (from non-GMO sunflower oil) glycerine complex, Brilliance Blend: beetroot juice, Shatavari root, fresh milky oat seed, jujube fruit, eleuthero root, lemon balm, rosemary), Other Ingredients: purified water, natural flavors (plant-derived, no MSG, synthetic sweeteners), tapioca starch, organic MCT oil, beta-carotene, potassium sorbate, organic acacia gum