Zen CBD + CBG vs Zen Amino Acid: which Zen is right for you?

We all want a little more zen in our lives, right? Life can be a crazy hustle even on the smoothest of days and then there are those not so smooth days…. This is why we created the Meraki Mama Zen products, a daily self-care supplement designed to bring a little more ease and grace to each moment of your day. But, which Zen product should you choose? They are both made using extraordinary liposomal delivery and feature the same incredible botanical extracts known to calm stress, boost stamina, gently balance hormones, help clear your mind and generally help you feel more “in the flow” but what makes each Zen unique? 

The first difference to note is that Zen CBD + CBG contains hemp extracts and Zen Amino Acid with GABA and L-theanine does not. Right out of the gate, this may sway your decision one way or the other based on your interest in these ingredients. Some mamas want the comforting support of hemp ingredients, some mamas are more drawn to the soothing effects of GABA and L-theanine. And some may want both!   

For the mamas who are looking for a truly unique CBD or those curious about trying a product that contains multiple hemp extracts (without the THC), Meraki Mama Zen CBD + CBG is a definite must try! We blend our Zen botanical extracts with CBD and CBG for a completely unique hemp product! This Zen rapidly eases stress, invigorates the mind, soothes physical discomforts and supports skin health while helping to maintain the grounded energy you need to juggle all you do in a day. Research shows that hemp extracts like CBD and CBG may demonstrate the following benefits:

  • Ease physical discomfort
  • Calm stress and anxiety
  • Gently boost energy
  • Smoothes and balances skin health

For details on CBD and CBG, visit our Ingredients page under the Learn tab. 

Other mamas may have their interests sparked by the support of amino acids known to ease moments of stress and anxiety. So, we made Zen Amino Acid (hemp-free) with these mamas in mind! This product combines our stellar Zen botanical blend with amino acids of GABA and L-theanine to quickly soothe stress, calm and clear your mind and support the stamina and grounded energy you need to make the most of your day! Here are a few highlights on these amazing amino acids:

  • GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid in our body, as well as in tea and some fermented foods, that helps calm the brain, reduce feelings of anxiety and enhance cognitive performance. 
  • L-theanine is an amino acid that is extracted from tea and has been shown to calm the brain and have a positive effect on its chemistry by influencing serotonin and dopamine levels, which influence our mood, sleep quality and overall stress levels. 

For more info on these amino acids, visit our Ingredients page under the Learn tab. 

And then there are the mamas who want it all – the Zen with hemp and the Zen with amino acids. We get it! That’s us too 😉 Our formulator, Deanna, suggests that some mamas may want to try taking Zen CBD + CBG earlier in the day to help sustain energy for that calm, clear flow and then try some Zen Amino Acid a little later in the day for a soothing afternoon/early evening pick-me-up. We encourage you to follow your curiosity, listen to your body and lean into your intuition. Your pathway to Zen can be as unique as you are! 

Nurture your soul, mama. 

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